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Research by Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI) has shown that moving images are seven times more likely to be noticed than static images.



Nowadays the enterprise communication gains each time more importance in the success reached for the companies. The valuation of the enterprise mark through innumerable appositive is certainly a goal to include in the annual plan of activities.

The implementation of a corporative channel (the digital signage concept) in the industrial sector, in retail market or advertising is an efficient model that goes of meeting to the expectations of employees, partners or customers.

We have the solution. Contacte us and we will have all the pleasure to present you all the advantages and cases of success of this system in the most varied applications.


The Digital Signage concept can be defined as a display's network that can be managed remotely and whose business model is around merchandising e and advertising.

The Digital Signage is constituted by a set of LCD displays or plasmas that present dedicated contents, totally personalized and suitable for the proper company, such as: institutional informations, promotions of products and services, avertising and other request information.

Digital Signage technology is unique in its capability to display dynamical images in full colour and full motion video format.

The Digital Signage is a system already sufficiently used successfully in the United States, that evolved in Europe and particulary at Portugal in recent years.

This concept is used inside offices in areas where personnel routinely gather in order to provide on-going updates on corporate initiatives and policy changes.

At this level, we can detach the high value of the proper mark that this system can transmit by an image of evolution with the use of new technologies.


The implementation of Corporate channels (Corporate TV) by both large retailers and independent storeowners has validated the benefits of this technology. Particulary, our experience, shown us that industrial sector has gained so much with Digital Signage making a permanent contact between all the employees, since the CEO to the less qualified worker.

Although the retail market is the leader of installed screens, the enterprise communication has gained his space of importance and most company are likely to follow.

Digital Signage enterprise applications are composed by a set of displays installed in the main areas to communicate and give specific informations to employees, visitors and company's investors.

The digital screen network enables to push marketing messages across the wotld. The speed of the digital signage and the cost savings to be achieved is amazing. For example, in paper posters, if there is a printer error, they have to be reprinted all over again and it takes a very long time to edit and distribute printing materials. Digital Signage can solve all of these problems and correct it imediatly.