B4U Headquarters

Pc. D. Nuno Alvares Pereira, Ed. D. Nuno, 20, 1 Sala AC
4550-218 Matosinhos
Tel: (+351) 229 388 198



B4U is portuguese exclusive reseller of STREAMBOX INC.



B4U has a partnership with american company Streambox.

Streambox is an enterprise of audiovisual market that dedicates to produce video coder and decoders. These equipments have several applications. They transmit real time video and store forward over different IP network topologies: LAN, 3G, broadband or satellite.

Streambox was founded in 1999 and all Streambox products are based on our proprietary codec ACT-L3™ (Advanced Coding Technology, Level 3). With thousands of systems deployed worldwide, Streambox is rapidly becoming the solution of choice for customers in a wide variety of industries.

Target markets and Applications

  • Live newsgathering
  • Satellite video transport
  • Emergency response
  • Armed forces operations
  • Mobile command centers
  • Online and distance learning
  • Surveillance and security


Streambox solutions are based on the industry-leading ACT-L3™ codec which provides unrivaled performance, reliability, and quality over low data rate IP networks for fast transmission and play-out of video streams in HD and SD. Streambox platform solutions enable broadcasters, government agencies, enterprises and other users to enhance their content ownership, simplify operations, and increase operational efficiencies.

Streambox ACT-L3 Video Transport

Video transport HD ACT-L3

SBT3-9100 Video Transport System
Streambox real time video transport in HD quality

Video transport SD ACT-L3

SBT3-2100 Video Transport System
The Streambox® SBT3-2100 Video Transport system is ideally suited for confidence monitoring, enterprise streaming, and for use in remote or unmanned camera platforms.

SBT3-5100/7100 Video Transport System
The Streambox® SBT3-5100 and SBT3-7100 Video Transport solutions are true 24/7 plug-and-connect live and file-based video transport solutions that deliver stunning full-motion, full frame interlaced broadcast video and audio over satellite and IP-based networks.

SBT3-5200 Video Transport System
SBT3-5200 is ideal for use in live news broadcasts, distribution to cable head-ends, integration into news trucks, and other video delivery applications where small size, high reliability, superior performance, and low power requirements are important.

SBT3-7400/7100 Video Transport System
The core feature of the SBT3-7400 system is its full duplex mode which enables each unit to operate as an encoder and a decoder at the same time.

Transporte de Vídeo Portátil / Compacto ACT-L3

ACT-L3 Portable Video Transport System
The Streambox® ACT-L3™ Portable Video Transport solution enables broadcasters, government agencies, and enterprises to deliver high quality live and stored broadcast video over low data rate connections such as broadband, BGAN, and other IP and satellite networks.

SBT3-7500 Video Transport System
The Streambox® SBT3-7500 ACT-L3™ encoder is integrated in one compact device with an ultra low power requirement which makes it ideal for mobile newsgathering applications.

Streambox Newsgathering Solution
Solution for live and file-based newsgathering provide unrivaled video quality and reliability for all broadcast and broadband applications.

Streambox Distribution Server

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